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Business Consulting & Strategy

At aXialyze, we deliver sustainable value. We support companies to realize tangible performance improvements for long lasting success, mindful of each organization’s long term business strategy, shareholders’ expectations and all stakeholders’ needs.

We target value realization through a unique approach that combines our in depth understanding of financial and operational levers and the link between them with the agility of our delivery methods. 

Teaming for value is central to any activity we embark on together. We believe that rewarding business relationships are nurtured through mutual respect and appreciation of our complementary strengths and experiences.

A fresh and agile approach to business consulting

  • Risks and rewards sharing is our preferred way of tying our success to our clients' successes. We enable flexible collaboration models which incorporate client’s strategic, cultural and operating preferences.
  • We offer a set of innovative methodologies to navigate through the growing business complexity, balancing short term pragmatic wins with long term value creation.
  • We join finance, operations and performance measurement together to produce fact based improvement opportunities.
  • We do not stop at strategy definition. We build strong capabilities for shaping and executing business plans for durable growth.
  • We unleash the power of teaming between us, our clients and our network of business partners, by joining our objectives, experience and skills.

High-value business management skills

  • Founded by a core group of experienced professionals from a global consulting firm
  • International team with work experience in more than 20 different countries and in a wide range of industries

Enjoying collaboration

  • We enjoy a convivial and dynamic work environment based upon team effort and appreciation of diversity. We embrace the common journey with enthusiasm, actively learn from each other and take time to celebrate success.

Where to find us?


Rue Grihanster 22
4870 Nessonvaux

Liège Office
Boulevard d'Avroy 116
4000 Liège


Von-Beckerath-Strasse 11
47799 Krefeld

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