Few weeks after the participation of our team in the renowned Logismed fair in Morocco, the primary forum for logistics professionals within the region, we would like to reflect on the key takeaways from this intensive yet enriching event, marked by networking opportunities and insightful conferences.

1. Expansion Opportunities in the MENA Market:
For our European business partners who are contemplating their next expansions in the MENA market, we have observed that the Kingdom of Morocco presents a burgeoning portfolio of real-estate and business parks. These locations boast top-ranking infrastructure and are supported by qualified and productive human resources. Additionally, dedicated organizations provide investment incentives and support. We strongly encourage you to seize the opportunity and explore the vast potential that Morocco has to offer.

2. Challenges brought by going multi or omnichannel:
Moroccan retailers are working on the fundamental prerequisites in terms of IT infrastructure and logistical setups required to succeed in this no-more new strategy. However, the challenge lies in reconciling customers’ demands for cost efficient shipping, traceability, convenience, and profitability. At aXialyze, we possess a clear understanding of this dilemma and the pathways to optimize both customer service and your margins. We invite you to reach out for an exchange of insights and ideas.

3. Digital Transformation in the Logistics Sector:
The Moroccan logistics sector is increasingly embracing digital technologies to enhance operational efficiency. Key areas such as goods tracking, inventory management, route planning, order management and real-time tracking services have become common place. Moreover, logistics startups are emerging, offering innovative solutions based on AI and Blockchain to optimize logistical processes. As the adoption rates for these technologies continue to rise, there is ample opportunity for further growth and optimization.


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