Supply chain

Unlock the value of your supply chain

Staying competitive on a national and international level in a world of fast-changing markets ties your company´s success to the resilience of your supply chain management. Harness the power of next-generation technologies and innovative solutions to achieve a consumer-centric strategy that gives you crucial competitive advantages.

Network optimization by DC Locator

Going beyond and above traditional tool´s features, our DC locator guarantees a successful network optimization! The DC-Locator tool uses real transport network information and actual map data including speed limitations.

Forecasting as a service

Our forecasts are made using state-of-the-art algorithms that are constantly being improved, delivering more accurate forecasts compared to traditional techniques.

Data science

Unlock the hidden value of your data

aXialyze helps you identify and capture value and meaningful insights from your data. Your company can achieve a competitive advantage by optimizing available data and harnessing the power of new technology. Reach impressive and continuous progress together with the long-term ability to make your operations more efficient.