Realignment of Supply Chain to boost growth strategy

Realignment of Supply Chain to boost growth strategy

Response & Solution

To ensure growth plans (on existing and new markets), a complete redesign of the fulfilment strategy was required. Based on this aXialyze defined the requirements for the organization and processes taking into consideration the key goals and values of the company. Subsequently, a selection/tender process for a new logistics service provider was initiated, to ensure the procedural and service requirement at competitive costs.


The new fulfilment strategy logistics service provider ensures optimum support for the next phase of growth.
At the same time Supply Chain costs were significantly reduced.


Start small

Supply chain strategy and logistics service provider endangered this phase.


Scale fast


Think big

“Vision and Strategy are good. But you need to have your resources at the right place at the right time. In other words, you win through superior logistics.”

Luc P. Maes – Managing Partner

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